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AIAP, Association of Iranian American Professionals, is a San Diego based 501(c)(3) nonprofit aspiring well-being of Iranian American community and promoting Persian culture through Professional Networking Events, Cultural Events, Seminars and Workshops, Monthly Hikes, Charities and several other services.

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February 2016


A female audience rudely interrupted the speaker to comment and state her own thoughts!! Another gentleman who asked a question appeared disrespectful to the speaker when he found out his opinion and political perspectives were different from his own. We should be cordial to the invited speakers.

2/26/2016 2:48 AM 

The noise from the kitchen was really annoying and distracting. It would be really good if you talk to them about this issue. And if you have already talked to them and they don't listen, then why don'y you consider changing the place? I have a feeling that the Sufi staff are not very respectful. So unless they are giving you a good discount, there is no point to stay with them. Thanks again for your hard work! 

2/25/2016 1:26 PM 

I think people should be more respectful to the speakers specially foreign speakers. I feel that those few people made the Iranian population look bad. 

2/25/2016 1:16 PM 

In order to maximize participation I suggest to avoid having both speakers in English at any meeting. More people may attend if they know at least one speech will be in Farsi (I understand that attendance was low this month because of the language barrier for some members). 

2/26/2016 8:58 AM

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AIAP is a non-profit, non-political, non-religous organization dedicated to serving professional, social and economic well-being of Iranian-American community.

P.O. Box 503944, San Diego, California 92150, Phone: 858-215-AIAP or 858-215-2427


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