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AIAP, Association of Iranian American Professionals, is a San Diego based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit aspiring well-being of Iranian American community and promoting Persian culture through Professional Networking Events, Cultural Events, Seminars and Workshops, Monthly Hikes, Charities and several other services.

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Hiring Software Engineers

A company is hiring software engineer and software testers.

For more information, email Reza Razavipour at reza.razavipour@gmail.com.

Hiring: A European company operating world-wide

I'm a manager at a European company operating world-wide with over 30k employees. We are amongst the world’s TOP 3 e-commerce companies enjoying a strong global market reputation. 
Presently we are expanding our activities in the Middle East and especially in Iran and are in the process of launching different ventures. In consequence we are seeking talented people with entrepreneurial spirit to join our Iran team of professionals. Our fast growing Ventures in Iran are Bamilo.com, Mozando.com, Bodofood.com.
Please note, that our recruiting process is highly selective, and our team consists of top performers from Merrill Lynch, Google, WHU, McKinsey, INSEAD, BCG, etc.

For more information, please contact Behrang  Takhayorie at behrang.takhayorie@meih.com 

Seeking a job

A gentelman who speaks Farsi and very little English is looking for job. He has been a very good Accountant in Iran and also has caregiving experience. He is struggling to find a job here in San Diego because his English skills aren't that good. That would be great if any Iranian-American business owners who would be open to hiring him for either part-time or full-time employment.

He is open to any job... warehouse work, restaurant work, manual labor, anything really. He is an older gentleman with a good heart. 

Please contact David Conrique at davidc@onlinetechnical.com (858)568-6833 regarding this announcement!


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December 2014
Sunday 14th
7:30am December Hiking: Daley Ranch at Dixon Lake


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