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March 2019: Nowruz Celebration


Q. Overall, how would you rate the location of the event (Hornblower Cruise)?

Parking was a big problem! 

At the end ,boat was sitting at the dock for more than an hour , ( should be on the bay ) . Pastry and fruit and coffee and tea was not enough . on Iranian new year you expect to have Iranian costume and Iranian food not American food . 

happy Nowruz. thank you for all your hard work in providing your member the most amazing memories . 

It was a little stressful because of parking issues. 

I hope the AIAP learns a lesson not to go back to Hornblower for the Nowruz event anymore. 

Thank you for your hard work guys. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to organize events like this. I really appreciate it. 

food could have been better, little bit more pastries and fruit and there was no Tea! 

The food was not good. The service provided by the people woking there was poor. They failed to renew items that were consumed. Some of the waiters/waitresses were rude. 

More teabag next time, they ran out around 9 pm 

Thank you so very much. 

Q. Overall, how would you rate the music by DJ Julius?

It would be better if each table have it's own portion of fruits and cookies. This way prevents long line and everybody get equal share. 

Perhaps having a coffee maker and a tea machine (Samawar) is not a bad idea in such a traditional event. It would be nice to have some juices too. 

Food was served late one tallest of 16 people 7 was served food Chegeni and fish the eight of people got food the rest waited for long time, seems to me by that time for table one they were out of chicken they rushed to cook more chicken finally they brought a very raw and uncooked chicken 

Looks like that him and DJ Mohsen made a CD ten years ago and still using the same one. 

The only concern we had was the filming of the event and members while they were on dance stage and being posted on the facebook by AIAP employee? 

Keep it up. 

Please let others to entertain too ( other DJs ) he is doing poor job 

this was the 3rd time the event was at this location and we always enjoyed it. the 1st two times were 2 years in a row. I would suggest to have 4-5 years space in between. 

He didn't have very good song selections. 

Too much time gap, there was time with no music 

Q. What needs to be improved in future events?

In compare with last year which was in the hotel. This year was not that impressive. We will not participate if there is another party in Honrnblower. 

Persian food would be great too. 


The duration needs to be extended at least until 12am and I am sure people would pay the extra, thanks everything was great. 

More engaged DJ 

Persian food 

Have a better music and extend the time . 

The dancers were not visible from the back tables. Maybe they could come through the tables somehow!? The time of the dance program was long. Two dances could have been enough. There were no tea bags for tea drinker Iranians! There were not enough shirini or fruit for everybody. 

The AIAP management were so cheap in providing enough fruits, pastries and hot drinks. They ran out of fruits and pastries very quickly. They ran out of hot drinks around 9:30 PM. We have been participating in Nowruz event for so many years and have never seen the shortage on fruits, pastries and hot drinks. May be this year Mr. Dadkhah was not involved in coordinating the event!! 

The delivery of foods (chicken) was delayed considerably. It looked like they are not able to handle this many people at the same time. 

A defined parking lot makes it easier. 

DJ , no children, better food, and better fruits 


Longer time spent on the cruise would have made it perfect. Until midnight or at least until 11 PM. 

Although we are admiring all board hard works, but I would like to express my concerns. The registration representatives was appropriate. Our expectations for a professional group had been higher than we get. Servers weren't friendly and amount of fruits, pastries and hot beverages weren't enough for the crowd. 

The AC system was not working properly. 

Do not emphases too much on physical location (BUILDING) Focus on content and food and entertainment 

Better DJ 

Waiting time to be seated. 

Q. Any additional thoughts or suggestions?

No more dance performance or speech and such. Please prolong entertainment (DJ or live music). 

Great night buy plz extend the time at least until 12am & people would pay the extra charge 

Thank you so much for organizing such a nice evening for us. 

The food for table one was very bad 

Just wanted to thank the organizers for all their dedications and hard works. 

Please place some cookies and fruit on each table next time. It will make You tables look colorful and it would distribute the fruit and shirini fairly. 

The New year event should go back to it's old place (Sheraton Hotel) that has more class than the Hornblower Cruise, more room space, paking and excellent service. 

Keep up with the great work. 

Thanks to all who made this made this event so exciting. 

Please bring singers and for change ask other DJs , this year was unsuccessful 

keep moving to different places 

Thank you all for everything. 

I strongly suggest that AIAP and Iranian Cultural Center organize the event jointly. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication creating a family atmosphere for all. Reza Taleghani 

The dances prepared by the 3 ladies was very good and entertaining. 

Thanks for everything. I had a great night.

February 2019: Dr. Kaveh Madani & Hedi Jafari


What topics would you most like for the upcoming meetings?

- psychology 

- The reasons why it is important for Iranian-Americans to participate in politics, to vote in all elections and to become candidates. 

Would you recommend this event to a friend?

- It is in informative, enjoyable, you can meet your friends and make new friends. 

- It is a good mean of communicating with others. 

Any additional thoughts or suggestions?

- Introduction of the main speaker needed bit more work on emphasizing background related to the Topic. Name of the Universities and work experience were completed by speaker needed to be more clear. Reading from smart phone is no issue as long as reader can find the line faster and being clear on pronunciation of the topics or locations. Thanks 

- Thanks for all that you do for the Iranian community.

January 2019: Hedi Jafari & Dr. Kiafar


What topics would you most like for the upcoming meetings?

- Pollution problems of Iran, Water shortage larger cities of Iran, Environmental Science, Governmental policies in relation to environment, water, and natural resources

Would you recommend this event to a friend?

- These kind of events are one of the means of communications for Iranian people.

Any additional thoughts or suggestions?

- Thank to the Board of AIAP 

- Maybe need to change place, smell was very bad again, I am sure if health department check it will be closed for a long time. 

- There was bad odor in the bathroom area that was not normal and could be a sewer issue.

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