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November Virtual Meeting: "Crisis in Afghanistan: Iran and the Taliban" by Dr. Mohsen Milani

  • 17-Nov-2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online / Virtual

We would like to invite you to AIAP's virtual general monthly meeting on November 17th, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. This meeting will be available on Zoom.

Our guest speaker is Dr. Mohsen Milani. His presentation, Crisis in Afghanistan: Iran and the Taliban, will discuss the evolution of Iran’s relations with the Taliban, from the time the Taliban were involved in the civil war in Afghanistan to the time when they ruled over Afghanistan, to the twenty years when they fought against the US, and finally to the present time when they are trying to impose their rule in Kabul.

An internationally recognized scholar and public intellectual, Dr. Mohsen Milani is the Founding Executive Director of the Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies and Professor of Politics at the University of South Florida. He served as Chair of the Department of Government and International Affairs at USF for thirteen years. During his tenure as chair, the department began a new Ph.D. program in Governance. He also was a research fellow at Harvard University, Oxford University, and the Foscari University in Venice, Italy.

Dr. Milani has authored more than 80 publications in top peer-reviewed academic and respected popular journals. His works have been translated into Persian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. 

Even though the time provided for this presentation is an hour, in case the Q&A segment requires more time, additional time can be allocated accordingly. Dr. Milani's presentation is in Persian.

This event is Free to public. At the time of meeting, simply go to the Zoom link here to join the live event. You can also visit AIAP FACEBOOK to watch this event. 

Please send us your questions via email to or call us at (858)215-2427. Also, you can ask our speaker directly during the live session.

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