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2022 Board of Directors


Arezou Hosseinkhani

Hello everyone,

My name is Arezou and I have a Bachelor's degree in Software engineering and a degree in interior design.

I work as an interior designer right now.

It's about one year that I've had the opportunity to help Aiap as a volunteer currently I'm helping AIAP to grow its social media pages.

AIAP goals as an non-profit organization dedicated to serving professional, social and economic well­ being of Iranian-American community are the goals that I am really passionate about and I really would like to help as much as I can to achieve these valuable goals.

As an interior designer I have the skills to improve visual aspects of advertising and flyers and social media posts. In addition I can increase the user interactions and improve Aiap's reach to a bigger community.

I'm passionate about bringing different organizations together if I'm elected I actively work to help other organizations in San Diego and Southern California to collaborate more and help each other.

Thank you, Arezou

Maryam Nabiyouni, Ph.D. 

Hello All,

I would like to express my interest in becoming an elected member of the AIAP board committee. I completed my PhD in Bioengineering in 2014 from University of Toledo in Ohio. Since then, I have been working as a scientist in the bio-tech industry. Professionally, my focus has been development of genetic tests and, for the last two years, I have been developing tests to detect cancer in early stages. In my professional and personal life, my satisfaction comes from using my skills and expertise to benefit my community.

During the past three years I have had the opportunity to serve as a board member and a volunteer of AIAP. I have been both the Vice-President and in charge of Public Relations at AIAP. I have met so many members of the community and have learned about the strength of our group. Not only, I have learned about the responsibilities, and challenges that AIAP has to face every month, but also, I have been actively engaged in assisting the organization in planning and organizing fruitful events from inviting speakers, to planning and hosting virtual general meetings, preparing and sending monthly announcements, planning larger events like Yalda, and Nowruz event and Happy Hours, etc. I believe my expertise in working in different academic, industrial and non-profit organizations enable me to assist AIAP and the proud Iranian community of San Diego to be even more successful in engaging younger generation of Iranian-Americans in becoming active AIAP members. If elected again, I would love to work along other board members in diversifying AIAP activities to attract people of broader background and interests like in art, theater, literature, sports, etc. Hope to see you all at the Yalda night event on December 18th, 2021 in person.

Negar Nekouei

Negar Nekouei, is a multi-cultural artist and teacher who graduated from UCSD with her bachelor degree in visual arts, Media. Negar’s art projects have been featured at various galleries including San Diego Mesa College and UCSD’s Art Galleries. Her art shows the world in many frames as she loves to photograph, make videos, and paint in different mediums. Negar has studied and earned a bachelor in English translation as well as she hold a fine arts associate degree, in handicrafts from Esfahan, Iran.

Negar, moved to the United States of America in 2005, since then she has been serving the Iranian community in San Diego as a volunteer and a board member. She has previously served on the board of directors of AIAP for four consecutive years. Negar, also served on the board of PCC San Diego and she has been teaching Farsi classes in ISSD for more than ten years now.

AIAP is a very dynamic and live environment which for years has brought Iranian professionals together and has played an important role to spread of knowledge in Iranian community in San Diego area. Negar have nominated herself for the next AIAP board of directors’ election mainly because she wants to play an active and important role as being a part of the team. With consideration of her dedication, passion, and strong background, she will try her best to improve AIAP’s social events, coordinating each event, working on the website interface, and marketing aspects as a board member.

Negar’s vision for AIAP will be as below:

  • Raising public awareness about importance of art and culture.
  • Introducing local and national Iranian artists to San Diego community.
  • Organize frequent art galleries and art presentations at AIAP monthly meetings and give the opportunity to local artists, in every aspects and mediums, to present their projects to the community.
  • Motivating Iranian students and younger generation community to join AIAP.
  • Help to have more communications between different cultural organizations in San Diego.

Hamid Shaghaghi

I am a retired civil engineer. My motivations for joining the AIAP board of directors are that I want to create stability and a sense of direction for our members.   I work well in groups and we can work as a team to optimize the costs and facilitate the efficient and effective goals.  I am willing to commit five hours of my time weekly to this fine organization.  I love our Persian community and have always tried to involve myself in the activities that support and promote the wellbeing of it. 

 I have a keen interest in non-profit organizations such as AIAP since I strongly believe that “giving” to the community produces better results than being on the “receiving” side of it. I have been an AIAP board member in the past, including 2016 to 2018 which I served as director of Logestics. I have had a strong presence in organizing and managing Chaharshanbesouri, Norouz and Sizdehbedar celebrations.

Fatemeh (Fariba) Zakery, Ph.D.

Former Dean and Professor of Business Administration, Anheuser-Busch School of Business Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis, MO.  63103

Dr. Zakery, a Fulbright scholar has the privilege of working in a myriad of environments-being both an educator, and a practitioner of business and management in the public and private sectors for many years.  She has over 30 years of teaching, administrative, and consulting experience; having taught at all levels from undergraduate to doctorate programs in both the traditional and the on-line platforms.

Dr. Zakery has served as the Dean and Professor of Business Administration at Harris-Stowe State University from 2007-2020. She has served on many regional, national, and international leadership positions as commissioner of accreditation of higher education institutions, peer reviewer and mentor.

She has served on several public and private board of directors including, ACBSP, IACBE, Metropolitan YMCA,  Safe Connection for  battered youth shelter,  Innovate St. Louis and a few more.

She is a strategic thinker and an experienced leader of both people and programs with a demonstrated ability to turn vision into reality.

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